I need a technical assist

I’ve been pushing ahead with plans to equip one of my wikis for a group transcription/translation of Proudhon’s collected works. The tools developed at Wikisource are in many ways pretty slick, and it looks like they will be adaptable to all the needs of the project. My only problem is that they use the djvu format, and I am living in an all-Macintosh house at the moment. If there’s anyone out there who has the capability to do some pdf-to-djvu conversion for me, I can do the rest of the work to get the OCR work done and the raw results into the wiki for proofreading.

If we can tackle the first phases of this project, we can probably also find some better ways to tackle the transcription of Liberty, which I would like to resume seriously again in the near future.

If you can help out, let me know. We’re probably talking about two dozen pdfs to deal with, for starters.

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  1. Hello, there are a few DJVU files on archive.org, and I have set one of these up on the French Wikisource project: La pornocratie, ou Les femmes dans les temps modernes.

    If the PDFs are small, Any2DjVu will handle them, otherwise there are instructions on English Wikisource. If the PDF is less than 20Mb, you can upload it to the French Wikisource project, and someone will convert it to DjVu for you. Or you can contact me with details about how to grab the PDF, and I’ll try to do so.

    Finally, we have also build a PDF extension to work with our proofreading interface, however it hasnt been installed. You might want to install it if you are setting up your own Wiki proofreading environment.

    Also, please be aware that Wiksource gladly welcomes translations as well as transcriptions, provided the translation is released under a free content license.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks, Tristan, for the link. I’ll see what it can handle.

    John, as I get the workflow normalized at the Libertarian Labyrinth and the new wiki, I’ll be certain to make regular contributions to Wikisource a regular part of the process. My only reason for setting up the separate translation wiki is to make sure there is space for some additional educational material (specialized glossaries, commentaries and links, etc) specific to Proudhon. There’s likely to be some anarchist experimentation and messiness it would be simpler not to inflict on Wikisource.

    I’ll look at the pdf handler as well. I’m still in the process of setting up djvu handling. Anyway, it looks like all the tools are out there.

  3. Skomorokh from Wikipedia here; Sorry for the unrelated comment, but I’ve left a proposal on your Wikipedia user talkpage if you would like to respond.

  4. I’ve followed up on the Wikisource aspect on your Wikisource talk page.

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