Black and Red Feminism

Jenny d’Héricourt, “Illinois” (FR) (1866)

If, through constant communications, through many stories, we know in France the morals and customs of that part of the United States that borders the Atlantic and which, as the first seat of colonization, mixes with the habits of democracy those of civilization European, this is not the case with the Western countries. There everything is new and follows not from the inspirations of tradition, but from the force of things and the demands of necessity. There, the genius of labor accomplished wonders, but with a strange and naive rustic quality. Large cities are improvised, ports are built, companies are founded and all the agitation of the large commercial centers gives way to the melancholic poetry of Indian solitude. […]

Black and Red Feminism

Jenny P. d’Héricourt in the Messager Franco-Americain (1865-1869)

Now, what makes war possible and produces the disastrous results I am pointing out? A lack of equilibrium in social forces. Woman is one of these forces, and she has neither her place nor her liberty of action. If, as I believe, the government of women alone should be bad, it does not seem surprising to me that the government of men alone has produced what we see. It takes the equal influence of both sexes to produce balance, because they are equal by “difference” as much as by philosophically defined law. […]

Black and Red Feminism

Jenny P. d’Héricourt, “La Femme affrancie / Woman Emancipated” — Volume II

A daughter of my century, raised with the doctrines summarized by our glorious Revolution, I will not seek the sources of Right and Duty in the world of Supernaturalism. No. I will leave to the last echoes of the ancient world the irrational fantasy of using their argumentation, based on the unknown, to prove that Right is granted and Duty imposed by some God. On the contrary, I say that both have their origins within us; that they result from the ensemble of our faculties, from our destiny, from the necessary relations that sustain us with ourselves, with our fellows, and with nature. […]

The Sex Question

“La Frondeuse” zine, Issues 3 & 4

The Black and Red Feminism zine has been reborn as La Frondeuse [The Troublemaker, or The Anti-Authoritarian.] The name is borrowed from one of Séverine’s collections. Issue 3 features works by Louise Michel, Paule Mink […]