Pierre Leroux “De l’égalité” (1838)

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Pierre Leroux’s book De l’égalité is one of those sources of the mutualist tradition seldom read by anyone these days, despite the fact that it was one of the primary inspirations and sources for William Batchelder Greene’s own Equality, as well as his Mutual Banking. The first three “Omega” articles in the Worcester Palladium took their title from Leroux’s work, and began with a fragmentary translation of part of it.

One reason for its neglect has been its untranslated status, another, its scarcity. It will take some time to fix the first problem, but the pdf linked above should alleviate the second.

Leroux was a very interesting writer, and an influence on Joseph Dejacque, as well as Greene, William Henry Channing, and Orestes Brownson. Also included in the pdf is a set of “Aphorisms” on Leroux’s philosophy, compiled by his followers.


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