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A Rough “Justice” and More

Last night I was able to complete a rough first-draft translation of Proudhon’s six-volume masterpiece, Justice in the Revolution and in the Church. When I started the project at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t at all certain that I could finish it in a year’s time. But here it is, mid-July, and my translation drafts for the year amount to more than 1,050,000 words, roughly 3250 double-spaced pages of material. […]

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Proudhon before the Court of Assizes (1849)

Citizen jurors, you have heard the accusation; you will evaluate the defense. You will judge the good faith of the first; allow me to begin by expressing gratitude for the devotion of the second. The Advocate General made a mistake just now when he believed that if I was not speaking after him, it was because I had in reserve a few arguments that I wanted to present to you in all their freshness, without allowing him to answer them. I repeat, the Citizen Advocate-General was mistaken; I have nothing to say to you regarding the accusation and I have nothing to add to the defence; I have only to tell you about the origin of this lawsuit. […]