Ricardo Mella, “Free Cooperation and Communities”

ricardomellaThings have been a little quiet on this front, while I finish the introduction to “Anarchies and Anarchisms: 1840-1920.” But part of the work on that project has allowed me to make some more progress on the Collectivism Reader for this project. I’ve been looking at collectivism in Spain, and the “anarchism without adjectives” current that emerged from the conflict between collectivist and communist anarchists, and have finally the chance to get better acquainted with the work of figures like Tarrida del Mármal and Ricardo Mella.

I’ve just posted a translation of an essay by Ricardo Mella, “Free Cooperation and Communities,” that appeared in Temps Nouveaux, Literary Supplement, October, 1900. Expect more by Mella and some related items from Tarrida del Mármal and Max Nettlau, as the Collectivism Reader continues to take shape.

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