A few new William B. Greene citations

Thanks to Brady Campbell, who did a little research legwork at the American Antiquarian Society, we have a better idea about William B. Greene’s contributions the Worcester Palladium. Here are his notes:

  • Equality – – No.1 by OMEGA. – Wednesday 18 July 1849
    Deals with Moses, and equality among Christian brotherhood
  • Equality – – No.2 by OMEGA. – Wednesday 25 July 1849
    Deals with the banking system
  • Equality – – No.3 by OMEGA. – Wednesday 1 August 1849
    Deals the repeal of usury laws
  • Capital and Labor – – No. 1 by OMEGA. Wednesday 12 September 1849
    Deals with Transcendentalism
  • Capital and Labor – – No. 2 by OMEGA. Wednesday 19 September 1849
    Deals with pantheism and is subtitled “Socialism in Massachusetts”
  • Plutocracy by OMEGA. Wednesday 7 November 1849
    Deals with government by the wealthy – Mammonocracy

I have not yet seen the articles, but the notes suggest that there is probably at least one of these articles that was not incorporated into Equality or the 1850 Mutual Banking. Greene’s own note about the sources of the first book is a bit cryptic, so a real collation will be necessary.

One other reference also surfaced recently:

  • GREENE. WILLIAM B. The Great Pyramid of Ghizeh, and the Ritual of Blue Masonry. Paper in Proceedings of Council of Deliberation, State of Massachusetts, June, 1874. 12. Boston, 1874.
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