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Marius Jean (1887-1973)

Links: Dictionnaire des anarchistes Bianco Bibliography: Jean Marius, “Etre anarchiste,” L’En dehors 6 no. 108 (début Mai 1927): 3. Marius Jean, “Eux et nous,” L’En dehors 6 no. 113-114 (fin Juillet 1927): 2. Marius Jean, […]

W. H. Van Ornum

William Henry Van Ornum

Chronological Bibliography – William Henry Van Ornum Works Co-Operation W. H. Van Ornum. Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Wednesday, September 08, 1875; pg. 2; Issue 143; Conservators’ League An Address to Business Men. The Daily Inter […]

Han Ryner

Han Ryner (1861-1938)

Working Translations: Han Ryner, “The Revolt of the Machines“ (1896) Han Ryner, “A Transition” (“The Secret of Don Juan”) (1897) (FR/EN) Han Ryner, “Duel upon Duel” (“The Penny-Pincher”) (1899) (FR/EN) Han Ryner, “The Paradox” (1915) […]

Charles Fourier

Charles Fourier (1772-1837)

Related links: Charles Fourier [tag feed] BY AND ABOUT CHARLES FOURIER: Bibliography of the works of Charles Fourier Charles Fourier in the “Phalange” (2nd series, 1836–1837) Edouard Silberling, Entries from the Dictionary Of Phalansterian Sociology […]

Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman (1869-1940)

Related links: Anarchy and the Sex Question [collection] Poems about Emma Goldman Sketches of Emma: By Emma Goldman: Articles: Emma Goldman & John Most, “Anarchy Defended by Anarchists,” Metropolitan Magazine 4 no 3 (October, 1896). […]

Anselme Bellegarrigue

Anselme Bellegarrigue

Joseph Noulens, “A Gascon, Minister plenipotentiary of the Republic of San-Salvador at Paris” (1862) Bellegarrigue’s “To the Point! To Action!!” and “Le Commanditaire” Notes on “Le Commanditaire” (1856) Notes on the Mutualité immobilière et territoriale […]