Sébastien Faure
anarchist synthesis

On the Subject of the Anarchist Synthesis (1929)

You have sent me The Anarchist Synthesis, by Sébastien Faure, dated February 20, 1928, and I am sure that you will republish this remarkable document or at least that you will make its contents known to your readers. On that conditions, allow me to put forward some remarks on this subject, which is certainly of a capital interest for the anarchist movement in all nations. […]

Anarchist Beginnings

Varieties of Anarchist Entente

Proposals: Panarchy: Paul Emile de Puydt, Panarchy (1860) Anarquismo sin adjetivos / Anarchism without adjectives: Acracia: Mutual toleration: Anarchist synthesis: Sébastien Faure, “Propos Subversifs: Les Forces de Révolution” (1921) Voline, “On Synthesis” (1924) Debate in La […]