Working Translation revisions

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in the midst of a thorough revision of all my working translations. I’ll be making announcements of the major milestones, but I’ve also been marking the links in the side column here in bold as I complete the work. I’ve signed onto a couple of big, exciting translation projects (about which more soon) and turned a couple of important corners in my own work, and want to square away all of this exploratory material, as I start to tackle material in a considerably more systematic manner. And the revised translations will make up the heart of the new Corvus Editions catalog, at this year’s bookfairs and on the new site (soon now.) 
I still encourage people to treat the revised translations as working translations, since many of the difficulties are matters of context, rather than language, and there are undoubtedly still surprises and new insights to come from the process of translating still more material. But some of the revisions are substantial, and the improvements and corrections significant. Keep an eye on that side column if the translations are part of what brings you to the blog.
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