Redecorating and such

Chatter for a change, while I’m redecorating. There are a few bugs to work out, but the new look for the blog is well on its way to realization. Please let me know if anything has been badly broken in the process.

While I was working up some new graphics, I came up with these alternate images for the Blogosphere of the Libertarian Left more in line with my usual style, all retro tributes to Knappster‘s original design:

Use any that look good to you.

Finally, a shout-out to a new friend in left-libertarian territory, Mupetblast at Dry Hyphen Olympics. We’ve crossed paths before, but actually talked first on MySpace. (Yep. I’m on MySpace.) His blog description is priceless: “Did you know socialism was once equated with the free market, and that so called “individualist anarchists” deplored capitalism? Discovering this freaked me all out, and now i write.” This is probably the nicest response to this kind of “freaking all out” that I’ve seen in my time among the mutualist fringe. Check out the blog. There’s some good stuff there.

And, I guess, more than finally, I ran across some other familiar faces getting myself settled in at LibraryThing, a social networking site for readers. I’m just getting started on my catalog, but it’s fun putting in obscure titles and seeing who else has them listed.

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  1. Nice graphics. Is there any story behind the bull mascot? Is it just that the initials BLL kinda spell “bull”?

    Looks more like “Bill” to me…

  2. I can only guess what Tom was thinking. I wanted to do something that looked like Tom’s logo, but with a little different flair.

  3. I have to say that using the Bull as a mascot is extremely silly — “bull” is, of course, short for “bullshit.”

    what does BLL cover? the left-wing of the right-“libertarians” or actual left-libertarians? A combination of both?


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