on ALLiance

Despite having a hand in its launching, I have let the existence of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left go pretty well unremarked here. Mark that down to the distractions of daily life, to continuing labors for the long term, and not to any lack of enthusiasm for the coalition. March saw a marvelous burst of activity in left-libertarian circles. I feel like I’m only now catching up—with comrades who were obviously ready to head off in a new direction, and with my own aspirations for the alliance. I’ve done a lot of thinking about what form organizing for the ALL ought to take in my own area, and more than a bit about the more general issues facing the coalition. I hope to be able to say more about those first thoughts soon, but the fruits of the second are starting to appear in a kind of “periodical letter,” on ALLiance, in the blogosphere. I welcome comments and contributions.

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