LeftLiberty 1-2: Individualism, Socialism, and Solidarity

Starting in July, I’ll be producing a new journal/zine, called “LeftLiberty,” and dedicated to “the left-libertarian conversation in all its phases and ages.” It’s connected to the project of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left, and focuses on clarifying what is really at stake in some of the messier debates in the broad anarchist movement.

Issues will be arranged around key concepts with the first two issues addressing “Individualism, Socialism, and Solidarity.” I’m finishing up a translation of Pierre Leroux’s 1834 “Individualism and Socialism” for the first issue, which will also include a “miscellany” of early anarchist texts on individualism and socialism, from Proudhon, Dejacque, Greene, Tucker, Warren, and others.

But one of the goals is to also canvas contemporary anarchists, libertarians and fellow-travellers for their thoughts on these concepts, in order to get a picture of the actual “state of the debates.” With that in mind, I’m throwing out a general call for answers to these questions:

* What is “socialism”?
* What is “individualism”?
* What is “solidarity”?
* What role, if any, do these concepts have in anarchism?

I’ll try to stitch together an overview from the contributions, and will credit everyone who responds. All contributions will appear in the electronic version of the issue, in the new wiki-based “Labyrinth” archive. The print version will include representative excerpts.

More details at the “Labyrinth.”

Thanks in advance to all contributors.

libertatialabs at yahoo dot com

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