M. Corbeau’s Corvine Call – the Corvus Editions blog

Last weekend,  I took Corvus Editions out to my first juried arts and crafts bazaar, and yesterday deposited a handful of books in a brand new boutique space for goods made from recycled and repurposed materials. Today, I launched M. Corbeau’s Corvine Call, a blog dedicated to Corvus Editions, book arts, sustainable craft production, micro-enterprise and related topics.

After a lot of experimentation of the sort that leaves your fingers too glue-covered to blog much, it’s time to get back to the account I started in the “Taking Wing” posts, and start to talk more specifically about the logistics of creating and maintaining sustainable counter-media micro-projects. I’ll be treating those questions in a more focused manner on the new blog, and concentrating here on anarchist history and theory.

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