“Les Révolutions du XIXe siècle”

A lot of my work right now is sifting through archives, trying to gather together links to the works of various key socialist writers: Proudhon, Leroux, Colins, Considerant, Fourier, Briancourt, Ott, etc., etc. Some of the sifting is easy: all 47(!) volumes of the Oeuvres de Saint-Simon et d’Enfantin are available at Gallica. In other cases, it’s a matter of sorting through the rubble at Google Books. Of course, the difficulties involved mean that my searches have been a bit more inclusive than they might otherwise be, and that has paid some handsome dividends. For example:

Les Révolutions du XIXe siècle: 44 volumes of rare pamphlets from various French radical movements, 1830-1872, 43 of which are available for download (“Télécharger“) from Gallica. The material is, of course, all in French, but at least it is available. While looking for the one missing volume, I also ran across the newspaper, La Révolution démocratique et sociale (1848-9), much of which is available to download, which features an extended polemic between the editors and Proudhon, along with some interventions by Colins.

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