LeftLiberty – Best-laid plans, hopefully improved

Just a heads-up for those waiting for LeftLiberty 2. With the launch of Corvus, some unexpected breakthroughs in the “new approximation” writing, and the little shifts in my emphases and affiliations, the issue started to balloon well beyond the capacity of my zine stapler, so it has now officially split into two issues: 2 – “The Gift Economy of Property,” which will pull together and revise the blog and forum posts that have been the basis for the “new approximation,” and 3 – “A Doctrine of Life and Humanity,” which can expand a little to address some new material from Leroux that I’m translating now, which puts his triadic socialism in dialogue with De la Boetie’s “Contr’un” (Discourse on Voluntary Servitude.) I expect the issues to follow that will be: 4 – “What is Property? A neo-Proudhonian Approximation;” 5 – “The General Idea of Revolution,” with material on Proudhon and Bellegarrigue,” and 6 – “Simplism and the Composite Order,” tackling the Fourierist contribution to both historical mutualism and the “new approximation.” And I expect I’ll be pretty close to a monthly schedule soon, but translation and new research may throw us new curves. Issue 2 is, however, about 2/3 completed, and will be one of my primary tasks for the next week or so (along with one last chunk of Proudhon for Iain’s AK anthology.)

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