Bolton Hall – sketch for a bibliography

It’s been awhile since i’ve put together any new bibliographies. Since there seems to be interest in non-state Georgism, i guess i’ll keep at my work on Bolton Hall. At this stage, I’m concentrating on WorldCat, Union Catalog and bookseller records, so i’m getting mostly book-length works. He was extremely prolific, so the list of shorter publications will be extensive. In any event, here’s a start:

  • Crime and criminals, 2nd edition. By Bolton Hall; Clarence Darrow; Eugene V Debs
    E Haldeman-Julius. Girard, Kan. : Appeal to Reason, ????.
  • The disease of charity. Philadelphia, Justice Pub. Co., 1894.
  • “Emerson the anarchist.” The Arena, 1907. pp 400-404.
  • Even as you and I. London, New York, F.T. Neely, 1897. [“A popular presentation of the principles and doctrine of Henry George and of Tolstoy’s philosophy.”]
  • Even as you and I: Parables, true life. Boston, Small, Maynard & Company, 1900.
  • Even as you and I; fables and parables of the life today. London, The Simple life press, 1903.
  • Free America: short chapters showing how liberty brings prosperity. Chicago, Ill., L.S. Dickey & Co., 1904.
  • The game of life. New York, A. Wessels Co., 1902.
  • The game of life. New York, M.M. Breslow Co., 1909.
  • The game of life, Revised edition. New York : Arcadia Press, 1909.
  • The garden yard: a handbook of intensive farming. By Bolton Hall, Herbert W Collingwood, Samuel Fraser. Philadelphia, D. McKay, 1909
  • The gift of sleep. New York, Moffat, Yard and company, 1911.
  • The halo of grief. New York, Brentano’s, 1919.
  • The halo of grief. Stockton Springs, Me. : Loose Leaf Press, 1997; ISBN: 0965607712
  • The iron ore trust. [Boston?] : New England Free Trade League, , 1899.
  • A little land and a living. New York, The Arcadia press, 1908.
  • The Living Bible, being the whole Bible in its fewest words. New York : A.A. Knopf, 1928. The Living Bible, being the whole Bible in its fewest words, Revised edition. Cleveland, World Syndicate, 1938.
  • Life and love and death. New York, London, F.T. Neely, 1898.
  • Life, and love and peace. New York, The Arcadia Press, 1909.
  • The love letters of St. John. New York : Mitchell Kennerley, 1917
  • The love letters of St. John. New York : Frank-Maurice, 1926.
  • The mastery of grief. New York, H. Holt and company, 1913.
  • Money making in free America: short chapters on prosperity. New York, Arcadia Press, 1909.
  • Monkey shines:little stories for little children. Leon Foster Jones, illustrator. New York : A. Wessels, 1904.
  • The new thrift. New York, B. W. Huebsch, 1923
  • The psychology of sleep. New York : Moffat, Yard, 1911
  • Seems-So Stories. New York : Arcadia Press, 1909? [Listed in Arcadia titles, not in WorldCat
  • Selections from Free America and other works. Port Townsend, WA : Loompanics Unlimited, 1987; ISBN: 0915179652.
  • The story of Bolton Hall’s ‘Halo of Grief’. Stockton Springs, Me. : Loose Leaf Press, 1997.
  • Things as they are. Boston, Small, Maynard, 1899.
  • Things as they are, Revised and enlarged edition. New York, Arcadia Press, 1909.
  • Three acres and liberty. New York, Macmillan Co.; London, Macmillan & Co., 1907.
  • Three acres and liberty. By Bolton Hall; Robert F Powell. New York : Grosset & Dunlap, 1907.
  • Three acres and liberty, revised ed. New York, Macmillan Co., 1918
  • Thrift. New York, B. W. Huebsch, 1916.
  • What Tolstoy taught. New York, B.W. Huebsch, 1911.
  • What Tolstoy taught. London, New York, Chatto and Windus, 1913.
  • Who pays your taxes? A consideration of the question of taxation. New York [etc.] G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1892.
  • Equitable taxation. Six essays in answer to the question, What, if any, changes in existing plans are necessary to secure an equitable distribution of the burden of taxation for the support of national, state, and municipal governments? byJohn Winslow Cabot; William Hamilton Cowles; J Whidden Graham; Bolton Hall; Robert Luce; Walter E Weyl. New York, T.Y. Crowell & Co., 1892.

Other documents authored by Hall exist at U. Mich. in the Labadie collection and Bentley History Library (“Sunrise Cooperative Farm Community records, 1933-1937.”). And the New-York Historical Society lists this interesting collection:

Description: 1 box (ca. 210 items)
Language: English
Abstract: Correspondence and papers, ca. 1830-1949, of Bolton Hall and members of the Herrick family of New York City. Included are 6 volumes of check stubs of Bolton Hall, 1882-1897; ca. 54 personal letters to Hall from friends and associates, mostly routine greetings but some of them pertaining to publications, Hall’s political interests, and current events; 11 letters to Mr. and Mrs. Gerard P. Herrick, 1919-1949, including 4 letters to Mrs. Herrick (daughter of Bolton Hall) from opera singer Geraldine Farrar, mostly discussing the activities of her garden club; patent for improving steam boilers, with diagram and explanation, issued to James Pirsson, Jr., 1846; and a collection of ca. 150 deeds, indentures, and legal papers relating to lands owned by the Herrick family, mostly located in New York City.





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  1. Were to hoping to acquire copies of any of the documents available at the Labadie collection? I’m on a work hiatus until the end of August (I’m out of town), but I work in the same building as the Labadie collection. I’d be willing to make some photocopies and send them to ya if there is anything that you are especially interested in.

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