Closing a chapter

I’ve been doing a lot of wrestling for some time now with my place in the universe of anarchism, and contemplating the best way to perhaps get a useful hearing for the insights of my last decade or so of thought and research. While much remains unclear, the one thing that seems clearest to me at this point is that my reluctant role as mutualist movement-builder is almost certainly a misapplication of the talents I possess, and that the specifically mutualist context probably detracts from what are arguably broader insights about anarchist theory and history. So while I may yet have a lot of thinking and writing to do about mutualism and mutualists, and while, ultimately, the most radical and useful things I find at the heart of the anarchist project are essentially what I have been calling “two-gun mutualism,” I am inclined to do my best from here on out to leave the label behind me. Two-gun mutualism was always intended as a transitional program anyway. I’m just transitioning a little sooner. 
That means a final end to this blog, and a significant rethinking of the TGM: Rearmed book. I’ll be active on the other blogs and archives, including trying to establish as a solid historical resource and finishing the “Travels” summaries of this blog, and eventually there will be a new “main” commentary blog to replace this, as I clarify the new stage of research and writing. But it will take a little time to separate myself from this particular way of thinking about the work I do and begin again, hopefully with a little more useful and sustainable focus.
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  1. I will continue to look forward to your future projects, Shawn, and I wish you all the best in whatever comes next on your intellectual journey.

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