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Constructing an Anarchism: Tradition

MAIN PAGE: Constructing Anarchisms Suggested readings: Extrications: History, Tradition, Theory [audio] Gérard Lacaze-Duthiers, “The True Revolutionaries“ Charles-Auguste Bontemps, “Synthesis of an Evolving Anarchism” (1952) Voline, “On Synthesis” (1924) [Audio: Part 1, Part 2] Related readings: […]

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Constructing an Anarchism: An-Archy

As we turn to my construction-in-progress, I hope to provide two slightly different resources for those of you who intend to attempt your own construction later. I obviously need to provide some fairly straightforward definitions for the concepts I’ll be using, together with some indication of how they fit together to form a useful anarchism. But it is also important to underline the extent to which these specific conceptualizations are choices made within specific contexts—and then to explore the background of those choices with enough care to make others’ choices easier. […]

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Constructing an Anarchism: Approaching An-Archy

It’s time to build. But we never really get to build from scratch. To make these concepts « our own » is inevitably to enter into some kind of relationship with existing bodies of thought and those who share an interest in them. And perhaps that relationship is ultimately one of sharing—but it is very difficult to start there. […]


Constructing Anarchisms—Philosophy

MAIN PAGE: Constructing Anarchisms Suggested reading: Voline, “On Synthesis” (1924) Related readings: Constructing Anarchisms [project page] William Batchelder Greene, “The Blazing Star” (1871) Alfredo M. Bonnano, “The Anarchist Tension” (1996) “Theories of Anarchist Development” (2018) […]