Benjamin R. Tucker, “A Note from Colonel Greene” (1876)

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Debates in The Index:

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Princeton, Mass., Aug. 30, 1876.

Editor of The Index:—

Inasmuch as the writer of the following letter has been quoted by both Mr. Andrews and myself in our discussion of Proudhon, I send the letter to you, that your readers may know Col. Greene’s opinion upon the matter at issue. After reading my article in The Index of July 13, he wrote me, expressing his thorough approval of my treatment of Mr. Andrews. Upon the appearance of Mr. Andrews’ reply, I received the letter which I send herewith.

Benj. R. Tucker.

Boston, August 18, 1876.

My dear Mr. Tucker:—

Mr. Andrews has hung the matter now on the right peg. Let him explain to us, in The Index, what that higher doctrine (which he says he possesses) is. I think you and I would be, both of us, more capable of comprehending a concise statement than a popular one. Perhaps we shall not be able to understand him at all, or, if we understand him, to agree with him. But, if he can convince us that he possesses a doctrine such as he has described, and claims to possess, it is our duty to follow his lead—provided, however, that he first makes good the claims which he puts forth in his second article.

Yours truly, Wm. B. Greene.

Benjamin R. Tucker, “A Note from Colonel Greene,” The Index 7 no. 346 (September 7, 1876): 429.


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