“My dear Grand Papa” (1824)

My dear Grand Papa.
I congratulate you on your big day. I wish you great joy, and to pass this day very happily. I promised you to always do better and better, and I make my best efforts to keep my word, and another time I will do better still. This great party is so uncommon, but for that reason very diverting. My sisters and brothers are very contents with this party, and congratulate you on your big day, and wish you much joy. My sisters have made you some presents, but, me, I have nothing to give you at present, and I wrote you a letter. Do not be mad if it is badly done because I have done all I could to make it good. I can’t describe to you how much I love you, I love you very much and I will love you always. It is a pleasure for me to go to Bakovkino and to stay with you on the day of your party. My sisters also delighted to go to Bakovkino and stay with you the day of your party. Everyone is festive, everyone is happy with your party. Everyone is glad.
Your respectful grandson
Mikhail Bakunin
Prémoukino, June 29, 1824.
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