J. K Ingalls’ Reminiscences, etc

With someplace friendly to put it, I’m starting to clean out my backlog of material. The second dump to From the Libertarian Library consists of material from the Boston Investigator by Lewis Masquerier and material from Joshua King Ingalls, including the first five chapter of his Reminiscences of an Octogenarian in the Fields of Industrial and Social Reform, with some of the annotations that I’ll be including in the in-progress print edition.

UPDATE: All of Ingalls’ Reminiscences, except for the Appendix, which consists of a few later writings, is now available online. I think students of mutualism, and of radical movements in general, will find in it a wealth of useful information. The essay on the “Method of Transition,” also by Ingalls, is the first of a series of practical proposals, from The Spirit of the Age, which followed his four-part treatment of property rights.

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