Les Réfractaires (1912-1914)

Les Réfractaires (1912-1914) les Réfractaires, bi-mensuel en formation les Réfractaires no. 1 (29 décembre 1912): José Ingenieros, “Pour faire réfléchir” — 1 E. Armand, “Prélude” — 1-2. Han Ryner [selection] — 2 [“Le lâche — […]

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Constructing an Anarchism: « My Anarchism »

It was sort of a wild idea: to propose a year-long course on anarchist ideas, on short notice, for an audience of whoever shows up, and to start off with the elaboration, largely on the fly, of an idiosyncratic anarchist synthesis, drawing on a wide variety of source material. But here we are, finishing up that first and probably most difficult phase of things. […]

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Constructing an Anarchism: Encounter and Entente

I’m going to tackle two concepts together this week. As an experimental space assembled quickly and redecorated on the fly, “Constructing an Anarchism” has served me pretty well. But it was a space designed for more activity, more encounters with other participants, than it has actually seen—and I would be lying if I said it hasn’t felt just a bit cavernous when I give myself time to think about it. So I want to get the last two components of my anarchism on the table and then perhaps move fairly quickly into the summary. […]