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I have been featuring the list of “working translations” on the sidebar of this blog for quite awhile now, and it has reached the point of being a bit ungainly, taking up space that perhaps would be better used improving the navigational tools. And from time to time I find that, even despite the list, people have a hard time finding some of the translations. In order to simplify access to the most current version of all of my translations, I’ve launched another specialized blog, Working Translations, which will simply contain current versions of all of my (roughly) finished work, along with some occasional chatter about the translation process. Expect all of the important material to appear, or be announced, on this blog as well.
There is some method behind the mad proliferation of blogs, and it’s all about letting readers pick and choose from my various interests and projects, without necessarily committing themselves to wrestling with the full synthesis, and giving me some options to compartmentalize my work a bit as well. Slowly but surely most of the blogs will get zines of their own, and probably Corvus Editions product lines attached. For folks who like to follow things through Facebook, there are now Pages set up for most of the blogs, and I regularly update them. I am also at work on a sort of index/reader’s guide to the first seven year’s worth of material on this blog, as well as compiling an index to the material archived at From the Libertarian Library.

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