The Big Time, at last!

Just recently, in a Wikipedia talk-page debate about the significance of the Alliance of the Libertarian Left, the True Intentions of the Agorists, etc., someone asked the interesting, if slightly incoherent question:

Why aren’t “Shawn Wilbur” and “Brad Spangler” have Wikipedia articles if they are notable people? Who are these people?

Who, indeed? Well, it turns out that yours truly does have a Wikipedia article dedicated to him. On it, we learn the following:

Shawn P. Wilbur, född 1963, är en nutida amerikansk individualanarkist och mutualist.

Now you know.

Funny, though, that’s far from the first indication I’ve had that my work is taken more seriously in Scandanavia (and Turkey) than in the English-speaking world. Much of my work from the ’90s, on internet culture isses and virtual community, has been translated into various languages. Only yesterday, I read an interesting scrap of debate over my chapter in Internet Culture, or tried to read it, after finding an online Swedish-English translator.

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  1. Þar es ágæti fyrir Þik!

    Which is as close as I can come to saying “There’s glory for you!” in any Scandinavian language (Old Icelandic in this case).

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