Possible & Impossible Worlds

For those who enjoy early science fiction, imaginary voyages, and utopian narratives, I’m sharing some of my favorites at Possible and Impossible Worlds. I’ve been playing around with some non-political translation, including the 1721 “Account of a Voyage from the Arctic to the Antarctic Pole by way of the Center of the Earth, with the description of that perilous Passage, and of the marvelous and astonishing things that were discovered beneath the Antarctic Pole” (which ought to be complete within the next week or so) and some work on a couple of incompletely translated Jules Verne novels. And I occasionally do publish small editions of this sort of material in Corvus Editions. But I haven’t had a place to share the stories online, and many of them are delightful.

Many of them also have some political edge to them, in one way or another, but I won’t tell if you don’t…

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