Joshua King Ingalls, “Economic Equities” (1887)

The holiday weekend was hot as blazes here, so I hid inside quite a bit, and got a lot of work done. The first fruits of that is a pdf of Joshua King IngallsEconomic Equities (1887). Ingall’s major publications were (according to OCLC data):

  • Periodical business crises. New York : Liberator (Co-operative) Print. and Pub. Co., 1878. 12 pages.
  • Work and wealth. Reprinted from “The Radical Review”. New York, the Author, 1878(?). 13 pages.
  • —. Boston, B.R. Tucker, 1881. 13 pages.
  • Work and wealth : an essay on the economics of socialism. London : International Pub. Co., 1881. 12 pages.
  • Henry George examined : should land be nationalized or individualized? New York City : Published by the author, 1882. [reprint from Liberty, ] 16 pages.
  • Social wealth: the sole factors and exact ratios in its acquirement and apportionment. New York : Social Science Pub. Co., 1885. 320 pages.
  • —. New York, The Truth Seeker Company, 1885. vi, [7]-320 pages.
  • Economic equities : a compend of the natural laws of industrial production and exchange. New York : Truth Seeker Co., 1887. 63 pages.
  • Social industry, or, The sole source of increase. Sioux City, Iowa : Printed for the Author by Fair Play Pub. Co., 1891. 11 pages.
  • The unrevealed religion : an address delivered in Union Hall, Glenora, New York, January, 1891. Sioux City, Iowa : Printed for the author by Fair Play Pub. Co., 1891. 24 pages.
  • Reminiscences of an octogenarian in the fields of industrial and social reform. New York : M.L. Holbrook ; London : L.N. Fowler, 1897. viii, [3]-198 pages.

Ingalls was a land reformer, an associate of George Henry Evans and Lewis Masquerier. He was connected as well with the Union Reform League (along with Stephen Pearl Andrews, Ezra and Angela Heywood, Henry Appleton, Josephine Stone, and others) and with Andrew Jackson Davis through the Univercoelum. He was a contributor to Liberty, Rational Review, Truth Seeker and American Socialist.

A letter from Gerrit Smith to Ingalls in available as part of the Syracuse University Library’s “Gerrit Smith Broadside and Pamphlet Collection,” which contains a wealth of abolitionist and Liberty Party documents. See also this excerpt from Proceedings of the Freethinkers Convention, Watkins, New York, August 23-25 (1878), at the site.

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  1. Access to Henry George’s writings are always appreciated, thanks much for your help!

  2. This is great, Shawn!
    It’s a good outline of Ingalls’ views on economic theory. I noticed his quote by Charles O’Conor (see for info on this interesting libertarian–Murray Rothbard was a fan of his as well). Alas, would that he were well known, too.

    I’ve never read his autobiography and hope you have the opportunity to put it online at one point or another.
    Best to you,
    Just Ken

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