J. K. Ingalls’ patents

The patent search at Google is easier to navigate than the equivalent at the U.S. Patent Office, although the images at the latter are a bit better. Both sites are of potential interest, as a large number of innovators in the realms of politics and economics were also inventors. From my first search, here’s 38 pages of patents, all apparently the work of Joshua King Ingalls. I’ve got patents by Warren, Weitling and Westrup that I’m looking through as well.

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  1. Isn’t modern technology wonderful? I just tried out the google patent search and was very impressed. I remember the weeks that I spent doing a patent search on all of Spencer Heath’s patents at the Los Angeles Public Library in the 1970’s. The patent room was all but hidden up a flight of tiny stairs in a terribly uncomfortable little room.

    Now, all I have to do is turn on my computer and with a few clicks, I have instant access to all of the information I need.

    Just Ken

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