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The difficulties associated with using Google Books haven’t changed much, but the depth of the “full view” library certainly has. I had posted a few titles to the mutualists list recently, but when I looked again, several of Andrews’ phonographic texts had been added. Here’s a partial list of titles that might be of interest to mutualists and students of the radical traditions:

Andrews, Stephen Pearl:

  • Basic Outline of Universology (1872)
  • Complete Phonographic Class-Book (1845)
  • Complete Phonographic Class-Book (1846)
  • Complete Phonographic Class-Book (1851)
  • Phonographic Reader (1846)
  • Phonographic Word Book Number One (1849)
  • Phonographic Word Book Number Two (1849)
  • Primary Phonotypic Reader (1847)
  • Primary Synopsis of Universology and Alwato (1871)

Ballou, Adin:

  • Autobiography of Adin Ballou, 1803-1890 (1896)
  • Christian Non-resistance (1846)

Bellamy, Edward:

  • Blind Man’s World and Other Stories (1898)
  • Dr. Heidenhoff’s Process (1880)
  • Equality (1913)

Brownson, Orestes: New Views of Christianity, Society, and the Church (1836)
De Cleyre, Voltairine: Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre (1914)
D’Olivet, Fabre: Hebraic Tongue Restored (1921 edition)
Etlzer, John A.: The Paradise Within the Reach of All Men
Goldman, Emma:

  • Marriage and Love (1911)
  • Social Significance of the Modern Drama (1914)
  • Anarchism and Other Essays (1910)

Hall, Bolton:

  • Equitable Taxation (1892)
  • Things as they Are (1909)
  • Even as You and I (1900)
  • Life, and Love and Peace (1909)

Hodgskin, Thomas: Popular Political Economy (1827)
Kraitsir, Charles:

  • Glossology (1854)
  • Significance of the Alphabet (1846)

Leroux, Pierre:

  • De la ploutocratie: ou, Du gouvernement des riches (1848)
  • Réfutation de l’éclectisme (1839)
  • Réfutation de l’éclectisme (1841)

Masquerier, Lewis: Sociology
Proudhon, P.-J.:

  • Amour et Marriage (1876)
  • La Revolution Sociale Demonstree par le Coup D’Etat/Droit au Travail et le Droit
    de Propriete/L’impot sur le Revenu (Oeuvres Complete, 1867)
  • La révolution sociale démontrée par le coup d’état du 2 décembre (1852, 4th)
  • De la capacité politique des classes ouvrières (1865)
  • Les confessions d’un révolutionnaire (1851, 3rd)
  • La pornocratie, ou Les femmes dans les temps modernes (1875)
  • Des réformes à opérer dans l’exploitation des chemins de fer (1855)
  • Système des contradictions économiques (1846)
  • De la capacité politique des classes ouvrières (1865)
  • De la justice dans la révolution et dans l’église (1858)
  • La guerre et la paix (1861, apparently in-process)

Saint-Simon, Henri: Nouveau christianisme (1832)
Spooner, Lysander: An Essay on Trial by Jury
Swift, Morrison: Imperialism and Liberty (1899)
Warren, Josiah:

  • True Civilization: A Subject of Vital and Serious Interest to All People (1869)
  • Equitable Commerce (1849)
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  1. Shawn,
    I’ve been having a great time looking through the Google books project as well. There are a LOT of freethought and classical liberal works there, and Georgist writings as well as the anarchist writings that you refer to.
    Just Ken

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