“Ravachol’s Experiment” (April 17, 1892)


He Felt the Revolutionary Pulse and Found It Does Not Beat.

Paris, April 17. — In an interview with his brother today Ravachol said: “I am neither a visionary nor a firebrand. I wished to feel the pulse of the revolutionary movement. To be candid, I find it does not beat. If it did, my example would be followed by others. Instead of this, they call me a criminal. I have written my memoirs covering my whole life. Let me be judged by these.” The persons on the jury list likely to be empanelled for the Ravachol case are panic-stricken and seeking to avoid serving.

An infernal machine, filled with powder, eighty Gayelot cartridges and a quantity of scrap-iron, with a burning fuse attached, was found in the electric lighting abed of the Compagnie du Nord, at Lille, today.

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