Taking Wing: Corvus Editions

I’ll be writing much, much more about the project as it develops, but Corvus Editions, the first element of Corvus Distribution, is now open for business on the web. The brand new online shop contains 30 pamphlet titles, including some very classic bits of mutualist and individualist anarchist literature. I have an ambitious program of transcription, translation and publication laid out, and I’ve cut back my corporate employment to give me the time and energy to pursue it. My silence here over the last month or so has been directly related to my desire not to launch the new business without having at least a month worth of work already “in the can,” and I’ve actually been able to do a little better than that. Corvus is an anarchist micro-publishing and distribution operation, dedicated to the distribution of interesting literature: expect a heavy dose of early mutualist material, as well as a lot of material republished from Liberty, but also a great deal of literature, from a wide variety of traditions and schools, that I have simply found good to think with. I hope you’ll enjoy some of it enough to support the cause a bit. Although most of the Corvus catalog will also be free to download, this old crow is unlikely to become one of the birds of the coming storm without some material support.

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  1. The best of luck in this venture, Shawn. As you may have noticed–the dead horse has been beaten until he can only be identifed by DNA–low-overhead microenterprise has been an idee fixe of mine lately. I’m really hoping this business model works out for you.

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