How I Spent My Spring Vacation

I celebrated a birthday, had my main email account compromised (so if you’ve tried to contact me, I’m not ignoring you, but it may be another day or so before I see you mail), reread What Is Mutualism? and a lot of Proudhon, edited a Wikipedia entry or three, tried to organize my mounting collection of land bank references, started a William B. Greene timeline and miscellany (coming soon), did a lot of class prep, met another of Greene’s great-great-grandchildren online, and started the web-site redesign I need to finish before the Libertarian Labyrinth is really up and available at its new, mercifully ad-free home. Oh, and I did quite a bit of scanning and proofreading.

Really, it’s been a month since I’ve had much to say, but think of it as the calm before the storm. I’ve been gathering my thoughts, and (re)considering my positions on a number of issues, in preparation for some more analytic and even programmatic mutualist writings. Hopefully, the folks who have enjoyed the more antiquarian elements of my historical work will find something to enlighten or amuse them as I turn to the implications of that research.

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