Corvus Editions interview at Making Change

Corvus Editions is among the projects featured on the Making Change blog, which covers Etsy artists “who create with a political/environmental/social agenda,” and I’m sending some of my bottle-cap pins down to the Making Change store in Santa Monica, California. It’s an interesting adjustment, trying to make my projects intelligible in a world of brief “artist’s statements” craft categories, but it’s clear that in order for Corvus to survive, it’s going to be as important to reach people who are concerned with the survival of “real books,” as it is to promote the project in political circles. Much of my recent work has been in the boundary-land between politics and speculative fiction, publishing utopian narratives and early science fiction stories. And while actual sales remain a little discouraging, responses to the recent hardcover releases have been enthusiastic enough to encourage me to think of books, rather than pamphlets and chapbooks, as the logical center of the catalog. The forthcoming editions of Henry Olerich’s A Cityless and Countryless World will probably be the model for future releases, with the “Junkbird Editions”—manufactured almost entirely with repurposed scrap materials —as the standard, and cheap editions (“wraps,” bound book-blocks in paper covers) and enhanced bindings (using fancier recycled/repurposed materials and heavy boards) as options.

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