Contr’un: the zine, etc.

I’m happy to announce that the first two issues of the Contr’un zine are now available in pdf form, and that the paper form will be making its debut at the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair. Issue 1, “Toward an Ungovernable Anarchism,” collects all of the transitional posts from this blog, starting with the second essay on “the ungovernability of anarchism,” and Issue 2, “Self-Government and the Citizen-State,” includes the title essay, the “Notes,” my translation of “The Feuding Brothers” and some short translations from Proudhon’s work. I think some things will may have been hard to grasp or put together on the blog may be simpler to deal with in the collected editions.
The design of the paper edition reflects the experiments I’ve been making in that respect for the last year or so, while Corvus Editions has been a largely bookfair-only affair. My hope is to work from this beginning towards a stable catalog of titles that can be made available to bookstores and infoshops in the fairly near future. 
I’ll be introducing a few more new titles at the bookfair, including the first two in a series of titles dealing with Russian radicalism. One of those is already available in pdf form, a reprint of Stepniak’s “A Female Nihilist,” an account of the life of Olga Liubatovitch, with a selection of poems and popular journalism relating to other women involved in the struggles against the Czars and their government. The popular accounts naturally made the most of the apparent contrasts between the beauty and education of those women, and the violence of their acts. 
I’ll be posting more links to pdfs and updates on the relaunch of the Corvus Editions webstore as things develop.
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  1. Splendid news that Corvus will be revived. Get some of that fine work out on paper to the world at large!

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