Un Etat, c’est moi

[two_third padding=”0 10px 0 10px”] The manuscript of Proudhon’s Pologne keeps slowly giving up its secrets, and some of them are perfectly designed to blow 21st century anarchist minds. Reexamining The Theory of Property as […]

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Poland: Part One, Contents

  Besançon, Ms. 2834 POLAND: A STUDY OF HISTORY AND POLITICS [Considerations on the Life and Death of Nationalities] PART ONE: PRINCIPLES I.—History and Nationality. The Polish Question.—History understood as a legal inquiry: necessity, in […]

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Catechism of Marriage

CATECHISM OF MARRIAGE [from Justice in the Revolution and in the Church, New Edition, Vol. IV] Question. — What is the conjugal couple? Answer. — Every power of nature, every faculty of life, every affection […]

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The Extremes

Ms. 18255—Économie. [Gallica] The Extremes. Avoid the extremes, and seek the happy medium, says the Wisdom of the Nations. That aphorism, of course, is very true: but it must be well understood. It is up […]

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Moral Education

MORAL EDUCATION [Undated fragment from Ms. 2971, Ville de Besançon]   I always see the fathers of families, sufficiently enlightened regarding the value of religious fables, worry nonetheless about the Education to give their children, […]