Works of Bakunin in English – call for translators and readers

As I announced here a month or so back, PM Press has decided to move ahead with the oft-mentioned Collected Works of Bakunin project, and I’ve been asked to coordinate and edit the thing. The prospect is equally exciting and daunting.
I’m in the early stages of planning the introductory sampler volume and getting a general sense of what could, and what should, be included in the subsequent volumes. My inclination is to be as inclusive as possible, but the “possible” will depend a good deal on how much participation there is in the translation and editing process.
I’ve volunteered for the blame and a good deal of labor. I’m happy to spread around the rest of the labor, and much of the credit. The project will need both translators and readers, and can probably accommodate a range of levels of expertise. The works range from very short to book-length, and if it can be sustained the project might well run ten years or more. So if you have any interest in participating, please let me know, and we’ll figure out how to match your available time and skills with some part of the project.
I’ll be rolling out a blog with some new working translations and archive finds in the next week or two. And I’ll follow that up with a project email list once we have a few folks onboard.
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