Susan Dimock and Bessie Greene

Ednah Dow Cheney’s Memoir of Susan Dimock : resident physician of the New England Hospital for Women and Children is now online. There’s some very nice material here, including accounts of the funeral for the two young women, after their deaths in the wreck of the Schiller in 1875. There’s also a nice tribute to Bessie Greene.

You can see Susan Dimock’s gravesite online as well. Presumably, this is very close to the graves of Bessie and William B. Greene in Forest Hills Cemetary, Boston.

Harvard’s Women Working archive has some very nice items relating to Susan and Bessie, including the written report detailing the unsuccesful attempt of Dimock and Susan Jex-Blake to enter Harvard for medical training.

Committee on Admitting Women to the Medical School. Report, 1867 Mar. 23. A one page report, dated Mar. 23, 1867, from the Committee on Admitting Women to the Medical School. The Committee met in response to the petition of two women, Susan Dimock and Sophia Jex-Blake, seeking admittance to Harvard Medical School. The report is accompanied by a letter to Thomas Hill, president of Harvard College, from Edward H. Clarke, professor at the Medical School, dated Mar. 17, 1867, in which Clarke asks whether the Medical School should change its statutes to exclude women from admission explicitly.

Edward H. Clarke was later the author of Sex in Education, the subject of considerable debate and a pamphlet by William B. Greene. Despite his misgivings about women in higher education and medicine, Clarke was one of Dimock’s pallbearers.

The same site hosts the reports of the Society for Helping Destitute Mothers and Infants, an organization started by Susan Dimock, Bessie Greene and Lilian Clarke. Anna Shaw Greene contributed to its continuation after Bessie’s death.

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