New Labyrinth / William B. Greene Timeline

As Kevin Carson recently mentioned (thanks!), I’ve been getting the Libertarian Labyrinth set up on a new, much improved site. If you want to check out some of the new material I’m working into the redesigned site, you can access it through the William Batchelder Greene pages, where you’ll find a couple of new features, including a “Timeline and Miscellany.” This is destined to be the chronological backbone of A Special Answer to a Special Prayer, my study of Greene, but it’s fun on its own as a collection of all the odds bits and pieces I’ve been assembling about the Greene family. I’m adding items in no particular order, working through stacks of print-outs and notes, so what you’ll get right now is really a fairly random sampling. There are still some unbuilt pages and links-to-nowhere, and it will take a little while longer to switch over completely to the new organizational scheme, but at least you can avoid the pop-up ads that plagued the temporary Bravehost site.

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