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On the Research on Anarchism list, Robert Graham writes:

I’ve recently set up a weblog to provide additional commentary and selections to complement the published edition(s) of my anthology of anarchist writings, Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas. Recent posts include the first English translation of anything by Ernest Coeurderoy, an excerpt from his Jours d’exil (Days of Exile), and a CNT-FAI pamphlet from December 1936, encouraging Spanish peasants to embrace libertarian communism and assuring them that such a thing could never be imposed upon them. I’ve also posted the Preface
and Table of Contents to Volume 1, From Anarchy to Anarchism (300CE-1939), which was published by Black Rose Books in 2005, and tentative tables of contents for projected Volumes 2 and 3, Between Apopcalypse and Utopia (1939-1977) and The Anarchist Current (1974-2007), which I hope will come out soon.

I plan to post some additional previously unpublished selections that didn’t make it into Volume 1, such as “On the Equal Ability of Humans,” by Shen Shu (Liu Shipei), who published an anarchist review, Natural Justice, in Japan circa 1907 with his wife, He Zhen, whose piece on “Women’s Liberation” was included in the published version of Volume 1, in Chapter 20, “Chinese Anarchism.”

I also hope to include links to more complete versions of some of the selections, for example Godwin’s Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and Proudhon’s System of Economic Contradictions, for people interested in reading more from these authors.

The address is: Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Robert Graham

The site is very nice, and the first volume of the collection is quite useful.

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