Voltairine de Cleyre, et al, “James’s Vindication of Anarchism” (1906)



Comrades and Friends:—

It has been the earnest desire of many of the former readers of Free Society to see the work entitled, “Vindication of Anarchism,” by C. L. James, issued in book form. The comrades of Philadelphia, whose original suggestion was in a measure the occasion which called forth the work, have steadily kept this purpose in view ever since its serial appearance in Free Society, regarding it as one of the serious contributions to a fundamental literature of Anarchism. The creation of such a literature is, in our opinion, the most definite task we can assign ourselves under present material and intellectual conditions in America.

We, therefore, appeal to all who agree with us in this matter to help raise the funds necessary for the publication,—between $450 and $500. We suggest that wherever picnics, socials, or similar affairs are held, a proportion of the receipts be set aside for this purpose; and we feel assured that the undertaking can be accomplished in a comparatively short time, if all will concentrate their efforts to that end.

Send all contributions to N. Notkin, 2630 E. Lehigh street, Philadelphia. Acknowledgment will be made through the Demonstrator, Freiheit, and Mother Earth; and as soon as the commencement of the work is justified, report will be given.

Voltairine De Cleyre. Natasha Notkin. Geo. Brown.

Philadelphia, Aug. 14, 1906.

Voltairine de Cleyre, Natasha Notkin and Geo. Brown, “James’s Vindication of Anarchism. An Appeal,” Mother Earth 1, no. 7 (September 1906): 30.

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