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My library is nearly unpacked, after the move, and i’ve been sifting through material, trying to get a handle on things, so i can proceed in a more or less orderly manner. Because i want this manuscript to be useful as a broad history of mutualism, and as a tool for orienting more specific studies (both my own and others’), i’ve decided to organize it as on a year-by-year basis (or as close to year-by-year as the material requires.) I’ll combine reports of relevant publications, organizations, births, deaths, and career highlights of prominent folks, with historical context and general analysis. I’ll use the Libertarian Labyrinth site to organize the data, make my interpretations of what it all means – and then we can all argue about it.

This means that i’ll be attempting to simultaneously present all of those different varieties of mutualist history i’ve noted in an earlier post, which poses some problems but also ought to clarify much of what is still unclear about the relationships between them.

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