A Million Words (Day 73)

My 365 days are 20% gone, and last night I passed the 200,000-word mark. So far, so good. Here are a few updates on the project:

Recently, along with finishing up Charles Malato’s New Caledonian stories, I’ve posted an 1848 work by Claude Pelletier, Solution of the Problem of Poverty, and, “The Young Girl and the Bird,” a short story by Victoire Léodile Béra (aka André Léo) written under the name Victor Léo for Pierre Leroux’s journal La Revue Sociale. I’ve also finished a rough translation of Flora Tristan’s The Emancipation of Woman and am nearly through revising it. Work continues steadily on the Bakunin Library project and I’ve posted a tentative contents listing for the Bakunin Reader. Everything else is going about as planned, except that I’ve set aside Proudhon’s Perpetual Exhibition project for a few weeks, while I make some headway with his Political Capacity of the Working Classes, which is a fascinating book.

Now, all I have to do is do this four more times, while mixing in a lot more writing tasks.

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