A Fork in the Labyrinth (Already), pt. 1

Well, dissemination seems to be at work, splitting a blog that, to my knowledge, nobody has actually read, into two blogs that may be just a bit more readable. I would like to take my own sweet time thrashing out some background and theoretical issues and journaling the last throes of my cross-town relocation in the Libertatia Lab Reports, but also feel like i should be getting on with some more direct responses to world events and ongoing critical discussions. So i’ll do the more focused stuff here.

One of the conversations that seems well worth being a part of is the Building a New Libertarian Movement Symposium announced by Thomas L. Knapp at Knappster. He has proposed a decentralized symposium using Technorati Tags as a means of organization. Wally Conger and Kevin Carson have already contributed interesting material. I suppose it’s time for me to digest the lessons of my time on the Libertarian Left List. Right off the bat, i can say that the time i’ve spent over the last couple of years in conversation and debate with libertarians and anarchists outside the usual orbit of the left-identified anarchist movement has been enormously helpful in clarifying my present positions and my understanding of the history of the various anarchistic movements. It’s left me feeling a little out of step with virtually everybody, of course, but i’ve known for quite some time that the line i was following through what i insist on calling the “libertarian labyrinth” was destined to be a rather idiosyncratic one. More later…

Thanks to Kevin for linking this stuff. Apparently, i should be paying closer and more frequent attention to the Mutualist blog. Somehow i missed the formation of the very interesting mutualists list at Yahoogroups. Ah, well. I’ll get back up to speed. I promise.

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