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Welcome to the CONTR’UN blog

Basically, the Contr’un is the star of the show here, the Whitmanesque subject who contains multitudes and is not contained between hat and boots, who spills out over all the property lines we might draw, at the same time drawing the world in without attempting to claim exclusive domain. […]

A Beautiful Nihilist

A Beautiful Nihilist

A Female Nihilist, a collection of writings about women in the Russian Nihilist movement, published by Corvus Editions, is available for download in pdf. Stepniak’s play, The New Convert, is also available in pdf. General […] An Index

These are the posts previously hosted at William Batchelder Greene, Letter to Orestes Brownson (1849) Annie Field, from “Whittier: Notes Of His Life And Of His Friendships” (1897) William Batchelder Greene, “The Right of […]