It has become an annual practice in the Reddit forum r/DebateAnarchism to host a series of AMA( “Ask Me Anything”) sessions during the summer months. The focus has often been on explaining the details of various anarchist currents and practices, but we haven’t been rigid about that focus. The goal is to highlight anarchist ideas in a way that enriches our debates by focusing the attention of the entire subreddit community on a deeper understanding of particular ideas for a particular period of time, with those ideas presented in their best light by the best available representatives. And we have opted for marathon week-long sessions in order to accommodate more potential participants, and allow to allow clarifications and new questions to develop. While it is common for shorter sessions to leave questions unanswered and to stick largely to generalities, we’ve had pretty good luck producing useful summaries of complex tendencies and positions.

This year, it has been suggested that we make a general invitation to scholars in the field of anarchist studies, whether academic or independent, to bring elements of their published work or in-progress research to the forum for discussion.

r/DebateAnarchism is a community with diverse interests, so if you have work relating to any aspect of anarchism—past, present or future—and are willing to invest some time responding to questions over several days, we would love to hear from you. (By anarchism, of course, we mean consistent anti-governmentalist and anti-capitalist tendencies.) We will probably begin to schedule AMA sessions in August, 2018. Proposals can be made on the current scheduling thread or by contacting the subreddit’s admins.