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  • Dromologies: Paul Virilio: Speed, Cinema, and the End of the Political State [text]
  • Pornologies: Dworkin, Bataille, Foucault: Sex/Violence/Power/Knowledge

My grad school years were also some of the early years of the World Wide Web and much of my scholarly work at the time involved the study of emerging “virtual communities.” The “information wants to be free” ethic of the time, particularly in the cyberpunk-tinted circles that I ran in, encouraged the free circulation of writings and, as a result, some of my college papers circulated widely enough that they are still not too hard to find online various places decades later. But I did use Corvus Editions to document some of them in print form for the zine fair circuit.



Futurist Synthesis: Energy and Fear [poem]

A related text, “Futurism/post-Futurism: Art & Industry at the End of History & Beyond,” was slated for a pamphlet that remained unpublished. Two essays on cyberculture from the same period, “Running Down the Meme: Cyberpunk, alt.cyberpunk, and the Panic of ‘93” and “Cyberpunks to Synners: Toward a Feminist Posthumanism?,” can also be found in the archive, along with Voices from the ‘Net, an electronic zine that I published with a friend.



What Means this “Art Strike”? (Social Movement and/or “Bad Idea”?)

The archived text is followed by some pro-situ theses “On the Use of the Situationist International.

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