Blog recycling, Part 1

The old sister-site of this blog, From the Libertarian Library, has been pretty much forlorn and abandoned since I set up the wiki site for the Libertarian Labyrinth archive. But it has a new reason to be, as an announcement site for the new series of pamphlets that I am compiling from the Labyrinth. The series will consist of material relating to the Radical History Series at Laughing Horse Books, to the mutual school courses that will begin in 2009, and to various other projects. Pamphlets will be available in downloadable pdf format. There is some overlap of material with projects like Invisible Molotov, but the style of the releases will be rather different, so that, instead of duplication, we simply gain marketing flexibility. The first two pamphlets, a basic Voltairine de Cleyre collection and a bilingual edition of Proudhon’s “Toast to the Revolution” are available now. Please let me know if you have any problems with downloading or printing from them.

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